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Monday, March 31, 2008

Yesterday's paddle...

I am determined to practice self-therapy on my ailing arm by kayaking. So that's what I did yesterday. For four hours in perfect weather. I saw a baby alligator about three feet long, basking near the bridge, helped a young family of three get back to the fish camp when their motor
wouldn't start, visited the fisherman under his favorite cypress snag. He was catching fish - had three or four lines out. I tried to creep up on him for a picture - he was asleep.

The jetskiers were tearing up the swamp at the end of Econfina, but there were fewer boaters in quieter craft on Bear.

The weather was perfect. I got a little burned - but for the first time I wore a fishing cap to keep the sun from my eyes.

I'm getting good at sneaking up on sunning turtles. I am in love with the little dime-store turtles called red ears. I had one as a kid who met the fate of most from improper diet and lack of heat and vitamins. I remember the day I returned him to a little creek and watched the current take him downstream. I remember that vividly. Now I just love to see them on lilypads or stumps.

In the shade, mostly under trees, whirligig beetles are gathering, living their twirly lives
on the surface.

Damselflies are back, and the dragonflies are beginning to populate the air. I had seen a lemon yellow one last week but it flew before I had a chance to whip out my camera. Yesterday, one decided to hitch a ride on my shoulder for about a mile, and my flash card was full! Can you believe that? I've never seen them before. Had I fiddled with my camera and deleted some images so that I could photograph it, for sure it would have left. So I just enjoyed its company for a little while. I think it's Randy Emmitt who has a wonderful photo of many damsels in a row, mating on a stump. I am hoping to see that someday.

The alligators are finally grunting which means breeding season is here. Now I will be ever watchful.


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Rambleman said...

Sounds like a good time in the swamp! :-)