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Friday, March 28, 2008

Looks like the Supreme Court Did Something Right!

So, today they get a rose!

The amicus brief link is here, too.

For goodness' sake, please teach the importance of the founding documents to your children in case your schools do not.

Quiz them. Ask your neighbors if they know them or are familiar with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Teach them. If you have taken your freedoms for granted, then you need to learn them. Make it a family affair!


Rambleman said...

Excellent. Happy to hear that the supreme court validated 'the people's right to bear arms. YAY!

wcgillian said...

Right on! Nice photos as well!


Dana Seilhan said...

Count me as a liberal who's happy about this decision, too. This is one place where the rest of the Left and I are seriously at odds. OK, not all of the Left--but the pro-2nd libs don't get press.