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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Marjory Wildcraft went to Cuba and has a new video out about the trip.

Why Cuba? You'll be surprised...

Read on.



Economic collapse is nothing new, it's happened many times throughout
history. As I've written before (remember my earlier email titled How
Close Is The US Gov't To Bankruptcy? - gosh, so many of you wrote in
with "high fives" and "thumbs up") the US Gov't is way past bankrupt and
it is only a matter of when we collapse, not if.

So I am keenly interested in the stories of people who have lived
through collapse. Getting to visit a collapsed country is even more real.

That is why I went to Cuba.

Here is one small taste. Think about your car or truck parked outside
right now. Can you imagine the collapse hitting and that car you have
right now will be the only car you have for the next sixty years? There
won't be any new cars in your life ever again. And it will be a wonder
when you get fuel for it. You'll figure out how to patch it up, jimmy
rig it, or do whatever it takes to keep it operating. But this is it.

There just isn't any more coming.


That was what it is in like in Cuba. Cars from the 50's, 40's, and even
the 30's - still running. Because they have to.

It is both inspiring - and shocking.

So here is the link to this first video from Cuba. Check out some of the
things that are day-to-day scars of economic collapse.

Oh, BTW, I am going to be in Lebanon, Missouri April 6th & 7th with my
beautiful daughter at the USA Prepares Expo. Vince (the organizer) told
me to tell you I'll be there to personally autograph videos. He says he
treasures the one I signed for him.

I'll be doing a presentation in the 700+seat theater on Sunday
afternoon. I'll have a ton more images from Cuba and I'll convey to you
the extreme impact of economic collapse.

Check your inbox next Tuesday!


PS: Here is the link to the video on YouTube again - and I hope to see
you in Lebanon Missouri April 6th & 7th.

PPS: I'll be making a major announcement in a few weeks and people on
my email list will be the first to know. Go to the Grow Your Own
Groceries website where I have a free sign up right there on the home <>

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