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Thursday, April 25, 2013


I'm taking a couple of deep breaths here.

This really bent me out of shape.  I was ready to shut down and then I saw this.

The last time I attended church services was when I was 15.  I remember the day.  My parents were ready, and I wasn't.  My father was Roman Catholic.  My mother was Episcopalian.  I was brought up in a serene home where there was respect for all religions.  And that is how I feel today.  I draw on Christianity and Judaism.  No one hears me pray.  But I do.

My mother asked me why I wasn't ready - it was time to go, and Dad was bustling in the kitchen (his day to cook), but he'd attended his church earlier, so he could cook Sunday dinner.  I was standing in my slip by the dining room table.

I simply said that I wasn't going to go anymore; the discussion was short and I was adamant..  My mother was probably very hurt.  But I wasn't going to church to worship God, I was going to see my friends.  There was no point in it anymore and I didn't want to be a hypocrite.  Chalk that up to teenage idealism.

Some time in the 70s, I think, my mother wrote and told me that the service in her church had become more evangelical and casual.  She didn't like it.  So she changed churches after almost a lifetime in attendance there and joined another Episcopal church on Staten Island, with a more formal service.  She loved the priest and so did Dad.  Their apartment was equidistant between her church and his, and many good dinners and conversation were served up with both priests who liked each other, the Irishman from Dad's church, and the Russian icon artist-priest from Mom's church.

But for any church to fall to political correctness and change policy so as not to offend a religion at whose heart is the death of infidels, is just too much for me.  So pardon me while I fume - I'm going to think of nicer things than seeing Christians beheaded, hung or penalty is suffered upon Christians, like Mama wood duck across the street, her tiny brood of 10 newly hatched babies trailing tightly behind, as she led them to safety
in the cattails for the night; of the brilliance of scarlet stargazer lilies in my neighbor's yard; of my Cassie, a Moluccan cockatoo and her disappointment of not having a tiny bit of vanilla ice cream, so angry and sad she turned her back to me and fell asleep.

Our world is fast descending into madness, not only here in the USA under the Obama regime, but everywhere.

It is fast becoming our time to set it right again.  No matter where you are, it's time to set it right.

Take responsibility for yourselves and your families.  Make those that grind out laws that are stupid, redundant, liberty snatching, freedom removing, be accountable and pay for their actions.  They are cockroaches under your feet who want to overrun you, who did nothing wrong, yet you are watched from every angle everywhere you go and from drones and satellites orbiting our world.  It is a hell hole of insanity.
Determine to set things right again.

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