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Sunday, April 28, 2013


This election is to be held by a vote of delegates present to the Libertarian State Convention, 24-26 May 2013, in Naples Florida.

Pete Blome Announces Candidacy for LPF At-Large One

Over the last two years the Libertarian Party of Florida has changed for the better.   As a Party we stand on the cusp of becoming the choice for the voters of Florida and supplying the vision and competition so lacking in our political process.

Certainly, this transformation was not the effort of any one person.  It took  the combined efforts of dozens of dedicated, hard-working, self-sacrificing Libertarians throughout the state who know in their hearts that individual rights, free markets, and limited government are what lead to liberty, happiness, and prosperity.  They are people who know government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.  They made the Libertarian Party of Florida the team to speak truth to power, and show our fellow citizens that there is a better choice out there.

It’s been my privilege to be a part of this team, and I would like to continue to be so.  I bring with me the traits that have served me well in the past, my dedication, reliability and vision.

I am dedicated to making Florida the first state with an effective Libertarian opposition to the Republican and Democrat Parties.  We are making gains in the Panhandle, where I live, and since 2010 it is, arguably, the most Libertarian voting part of the state.  Libertarians are often copied, badly, by the major parties in election campaigns.  However, once elected, both major parties forget their libertarian promises and continue pursuing the same wasteful policies using the force of government as the means.  As a result we have fewer freedoms, a centrally controlled economy, and a government that claims powers that span a grey toned spectrum from “free speech zones” to federally mandated health care.  All the while, we sink hopelessly into debt.  I’ve been at the forefront of bringing this to the attention of the electorate for a long time now.

Next, I am careful about making promises, but when I do, I see them through to the best of my abilities. 

Finally, I know the LPF will take its place as a professionally run and organized political party that can reliably put people and money together to elect candidates to office.   We have already made great strides at doing these tasks, but the LPF needs to improve.  One area is fundraising.  Without money we cannot effectively speak to the millions of our fellow citizens who constantly hear the major party message, nor can we support candidates.  Once we have the means, we need to professionalize as many functions of the LPF as possible by hiring companies and staff to do the massive administrative tasks inherent in talking with millions of people at a distance.  This would build trust in our Party, and free our leadership to pursue more human tasks that help us grow.  We need to augment our influence in the state by encouraging Libertarians to participate in business and civic groups to show them that Libertarians are genuine and plausible leaders who will be there tomorrow. We need to shatter the stereotype that libertarians are ivory tower philosophers or cranks.  Lastly, we need to improve our message by targeting people and issues where force and fraud work against liberty and prosperity; by restoring the power of the individual that was taken by big government.  This vision will take work, but I see myself, and the LPF, up to the task. 

Libertarians can, and should, be at the forefront of Florida governance.  Give me the opportunity to continue working at the State level to help make it happen.  Vote for me for LPF At-Large One Representative.

Thank you
Pete Blome

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