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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Dear me,
This interview of Webster Tarpley
about his book, 'The Postmodern Coup:
The Making of a Manchurian Candidate'
was conducted in October of 2008, just
before the first election of Barack Obama
for President of the US. Tarpley makes
predictions about the imminent future of
the geopolitical landscape, should Obama
be elected, based on his knowledge of the
people who backed and advised him. As
far as foreign policy strategy goes, it's been
100% Zbigniew Brzezinski all the way.

In retrospect, it's interesting to understand
Brzezinski's vision and how much of it has
been accomplished so far. The question
remains as to whether the ultimate fantasies
of this real-life Dr. Strangelove will be 
achieved by 2017?

Of Obama, Tarpley says, "The guy is a
puppet of the worst sort of circles of
Imperialism...David Rockefeller, George
Soros and...(Zbigniew Brzezinski)."

Tarpley says, "Right Wingers don't know
how to attack [him], they either want to
attack him for being a Communist, which I
think is not accurate - because he's a servant
of finance capital - how could he be a
Communist? Or that he's a Muslim, because
his middle name's Hussein.

"He lived in Indonesia for a while and may
have considered himself a Muslim for a while.
I would note that the two fathers that he's he
had...his biological father who abandoned him
and then an Indonesian man...Both of them,
it seems to me were more devoted to Johnnie
Walker Black Label Scotch Whiskey than they
ever were to Islam, so I don't think that the
Muslim connection would make any sense.

"But I would add one thing: If you're running to
be the President of the United States, you're
asking to put your finger on the button - there's
a thermonuclear button that launches
Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles with H-bombs
on them..."
Video (about 9 mins):

Video (about 10 mins):

The Men Behind Barack Obama - Part 2

- Alexandra

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