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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I've been thinking (Oops!)

You know this brain mapping project that Obama wants so badly?  It's not about mapping for good.

I will bet you (if we are alive in a year - or until 2016, which I seriously doubt), that this project is all about enforced, "mechanical" or "chemical" mind control and compliancy.

Just saying.

Think about it.

Obamacare and this perverse government of ours doesn't want extraneous people with disabilities, mental disorders, age-related disease to be allowed to live.  Remember Hitler and the Master Race?  Nah!  Never!  They want total control.  Totalitarian compliance.  Dominance.  You will accept everything.  Everyone who will remember freedom and liberty as good will get their forced lobotomy or whatever they call it or just be eliminated.  Your infants, if you will be allowed to reproduce for the state, may even be "lobotomized" in utero.  Who the hell knows.  But I have just offered up an idea for another book.

Hmmm...just saying.

But, can you see this?  I can see this all too clearly.

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