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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Are you bombarding your friends who are still on the left that this isn't the way we have to live?  In other countries, unarmed, dumbed down, helpless little subjects, having gotten used to their lot in life, whether it's the knock on the door, or the door smashed down because you have 7 grains of rice more than your neighbor, or given birth to a child of unacceptable sex and you're trying to hide it because you are its mother and it's your beautiful baby, or you have your throat slit because you are an infidel, or beheaded because you may have complained or weren't compliant to Sharia, or chopped up by machetes in the jungles or burned alive - torched - for some infraction against the dictator?  THEY HAVE NO PROTECTION AND UNDER OBAMA, WE ARE NEARLY THERE.  WE HAVE WEEKS.  MONTHS.  MAYBE HOURS.

This man should be put in prison for the least of reasons, which would be dereliction of duty; for doing everything he can to destroy us financially, tax us so badly we will lose everything, take our private property rights away, take our food and control us by hunger, take away our freedom to travel freely, to pursue happiness to protect our lives and those of our families and friends by taking our rights to firearms that were given to us by God, guaranteed by the Founders who knew we would be taken over by a tyrant who now lives an excessive lifestyle while we have no jobs and are taxed more day by day, who refuses to allow us healthy food (Monsanto, big agra and GM food), forces us to comply with humiliating searches, warrantless searches, seizures, will soon guarantee that no election is honest, lies to us every day.  He kills people and starts wars.  He went to bed and left our people murdered.  He killed people and tried Fast and Furious, gun walking into Mexico.  You don't think he knew it?  And then he gives weapons to people who want to kill us - radical Muslims that he invites to the White House?  He has humiliated and dishonored the American way of life and its people and Founding documents repeatedly...

Please, do your part and help us spread the truth before we are entirely a nation lost.  Idi Amin was no worse and when the first people go to the camps on our land - in our own nation - you will understand you were lied to in the most heinous way.

We aren't committing crimes!  The crimes are being committed by the people who have decided they rule us.
People we elected.

Be forewarned:  If chances are slim that the new gun control rules will lose, we should expect another false flag that will kill a large number of people - maybe a concert, or a big event; a ball game, perhaps.
It will probably be a bomber - someone walking into a crowded mall and detonating a concealed bomb.  Maybe in an airport. 

Be very careful.  Even in the old familiar places, know where the exit doors are and never leave the cave without your club.

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