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Monday, April 15, 2013


In our once free country, where the feeling and the sense of liberty once existed, we had no "gangs" in government.  Maybe we didn't know it.  But to give them a label so repugnant disgusts me.  These RINO quislings of Obama and all things socialist/communist/marxist should find no glory in what they are doing - which is selling out all Americans to the enemy - the matrix of evil that lives and cavorts and is directed from the White House and our illegal president.  The liar-in-chief.  The deceiver.  The beguiler.  The flucking serpent of the Bible!

I didn't used to be so "religious", but I'll go with the Old Testament for now.  Evil reigns in Washington, DC.
It stinks of rotting flesh.  The carrion eaters will feed on us until we are safely warehoused or given the gas at the FEMA camps.

You disgusting, disgraceful "gang" should be wearing your hoodies to work.  Do you think we are so stupid that we will re-elect you?  How can you sleep at night knowing you are traitors? You have no conscience.
You have no reason.  You are criminals. 

How dare you degrade the offices you hold by calling yourselves "The Gang of 8?  You need to leave.  You are doing us great, grave harm and endangering our lives and that of our posterity as far as we can see into the future.  If worst comes to worst, gentlemen, we will make it our business to force you to leave.

No, we don't want amnesty wrapped up in empathetic words.  They are flucking illegal aliens.  Don't sugar coat it.  They should be hauled off to the end of Chile, their shoes taken and told to walk home.  They ARE ILLEGAL AND SO ARE YOU FOR VIOLATING YOUR OATHS OF OFFICE in exchange for votes which  you won't be getting from us.  Same as Obama the fraud.

No, we don't want Obamacare.

No, we don't want Americans without jobs.

No, we are too strapped to bring more into our borders and give them our money when we are struggling.

Rubio!  You turn my stomach and your pretty face ain't gonna cut it to the next election no matter what Burnie Thompson says.  We already have had our fill of Steve Southerland as our representative.  He might be a "good guy"; he's lousy as a Representative and I am ashamed I voted for him.

I am SO happy to have left the Republican Party.

All of you reading this should jump the Republican ship of Woe.  You are wasting your time with the water boys and girls. 

You have failed us.

We are going to remember for a long, long time.

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