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Monday, March 4, 2013


John j Ray 8 hours ago

If "The Messiah" KING OBONGO and his loyal loons think this will stop freedom, they have a lot to learn !!
"The Messiah" Obama wants our guns,
Along with other liberal bums.
Our Constitution, says otherwise,
He is not American, he's in disguise.
The 2nd Amendment is plain you see,
To protect us all from his tyranny.
He wishes a country full of sheep,
And I pray each night before I sleep.
I pray that America will always survive,
But I am seeing, a quick demise.
Our GOD given rights are under attack,
And once gone, we will never get back !
Millions have died to keep us free,
I will too, if need be.
Drones in the sky, over the land of the free,
Drones that will be spying on you and me.
Complete control, over us you see,
Hell or high water, it WILL NOT be!
I served this great country in Vietnam,
And I am not, a brave man.
MOLON LABE, is the battle cry,
From my dead hands, you will have to pry.
Guns have always kept America free,
There is only one way, to get them from me !
John D USN RVN 71, 72, 73, evac 75

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