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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


After six years of wanting another dog, after her Dixie died, if you are a regular reader, you know that my friend in Washington was delighted after adopting beautiful Bella who is our cover girl.  That's Bella.

She was doing very well, but missing her former owner.  In three days she was not eating - showing no signs but anorexia and we all thought she was pining.  Four days later, after constant attention, a vet put her to sleep while my friend held her and loved her away.

The night before, my friend slept with Bella on the kitchen floor.  She was so broken hearted. 

But she did the right thing for this is what the vet reported:  Bella was bleeding to death.  The best diagnosis she offered was Hemangiosarcoma often found in Golden Retrievers Bella's age.

We both cried - she in Washington and me here in the south.  We'd been speaking constantly, worrying about poor Bella.

Sometimes, I have found when dear Maggie had to be put down of liver failure in Oregon, that Bear came to live with us almost immediately, a product of divorce, left at the vet's office. He never could take her place; he was his own very quirky guy.  When Blade contracted bone cancer suddenly, a large dog  was needed to help dull the pain - his death so quick and unexpected.  I visited the local animal control desirous of saving a life.  And there was Jack; a tiny blond handful of puppy, and absolutely irresistible sitting on a laptop case.  He was handed to me.  "Take him home," someone said, and I did.  But strangely, in a week, Maya needed a home.  Her owner was off to law school.  This was her third home.  She'd been at animal control twice.  Like Blade, she just needed the right fit and when she greeted me at the front door, I think I just snapped the leash to her collar.  It was her eyes. She's getting gray now, but loves her life, fitting into what has been a continuum of blessings that has lasted for 50 years. 

The other night Bobby told me she wants a Lab puppy (black and female, please), while she waits for her broken wrist to heal a little more.  But if you know of a litter in the Seattle area, you just leave a comment here.

And love to Bella, wherever she is in her journey back to God.

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