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Friday, March 29, 2013


'The iPhone is part of the complete dissolution of our society'

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage."

In today's issue: Every time he visits the mall, Dr. Savage notices the same thing – the only store with any customers is the one that sells smartphones.

This led him to ponder the negative effect this obsession with technology is having on society.

“I go to the mall a couple of times a week with the dog,” Savage began, noting:

    All the stores except one are filled with the same garbage, and they don't have any customers.

    The one store that is jammed every time is the iPhone store.

    You see the kids coming every day after school with their mothers.

    Their eyes are wide open like they're running to the Holy Grail, like they're going to get some kind of revelation in there.

    I don't understand it.

    It goes to the whole problem with society.

    When you see these young idiots walking around with their eyes glued to their iPhone, about to crash into a pole.

    I was told they're having virtual sex on these phones. They're not even meeting each other any more. They're just flirting on the iPhone.

    It's a complete dissolution of our society.

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