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Saturday, March 23, 2013


From Merlin:
This numbskull doesn't deserve to stay in a Kelty sleeping bag, let alone the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand.....
Did a quick calculation. The cost of keeping the WH open to tours is reported to be $74k per week, so this $1.o43 hotel
tab, which doesn;t even include salary and travel costs, would amount to keeping the WH tours going for almost 5 months.

These political elites have NO shame, and so the shame falls on us for allowing ourselves to be fleeced in such
an extravagant manner. My advice to our political elites:  "Lead by example"

"Ad infinitum, ad nauseum"


Biden Stays at London, Paris Hotels; Two Nights, $1 Million

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill in Paris last month. (AP)
Vice President Joe Biden’s one-day trips to Paris and London in February cost American taxpayers more than $1 million, according to multiple reports. 

Biden and his security detail rung up a $585,000.50 tab for a single night on Feb. 4 at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, a luxurious five-star hotel near the Louvre Museum, The Weekly Standard reports.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail in London reports that Biden’s group spent $459,388.65 for one night on Feb. 5 at the Hyatt Regency in London, where the vice president met with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The contract for the London trip specified that Biden’s crew required 136 hotel rooms for that one-night stay, The Daily Mail reports.

Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, accompanied him to Paris on his European trip, which also included a stop in Germany.

The Mail reports that Biden’s entourage required more than 100 rooms at Le Grand. One night in the presidential suite there costs more than $3,800.

Here’s how the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand is described on its website:

“With floodlit views of the Opera House, this superbly renovated luxury hotel is at the heart of Parisian society. Opened in 1862, it defines historical grandeur, from CafĂ© de la Paix to La Verriere Restaurant, set in an 800 square metre winter garden. Elegantly appointed, the hotel’s boutique-style suites overlook stunning landmarks. Located … close to the Louvre Museum, shopping, theatre and banking districts, this luxury Paris hotel is an icon in the City of Light.”

Reaction was swift to Biden’s lavish spending.

“Still no WH tours, but VP Biden’s recent trip to Europe racked up $1mil in hotel room bills,” said U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, among dozens to vent outrage on Twitter.

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