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Monday, March 11, 2013


One of our Florida Republican Representatives, Jimmy Patronis, came out and had the nerve to say in a News Herald article last week, that he is so opposed to legalizing marijuana of any kind, if "we" don't like it we can leave (Florida).  An elected official is nothing more than a public servant.  The arrogance of that statement - the heartlessness of it, is so offensive.  It is typical of those empowered by us - the trick is to find new people and maybe another party to represent us.  Patronis is a Republican.  But if (God forbid), his parents, his wife, his youngsters were stricken with an illness that marijuana helped heal or alleviate the symptoms, you know he'd get some - beg, borrow or steal.  So let's not be a hypocrite,  Jimmy.

Seventy per cent or more Floridians want marijuana legalized.  Personally, I think alcohol and cigarettes are far more dangerous.

I truly believe marijuana is a healthcare miracle. 

The link is an important one. 

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