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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Alert - Help End all gun control now!


On Monday, March 4th 2013 at 2:03 PM over 800 people of New York filed an Action at Law under Common Law in the New York State Supreme Court in Albany to end all gun control in New York State, including permits. To read the "Action" go to - If you would like to become a plaintiff you can still sign on, we need help so please make a donation to help fight this cause and a new emergency emerging.

NEW EMERGENCY - there is talk and a move to get rid of the office of sheriff: Massachusetts sheriffs in two counties (Middlesex and Suffolk Counties) have been reduced to only ceremonial duties; Sheriffs in Connecticut have been abolished; St. Louis Missouri has eliminated the position of elected sheriff; Colorado has two counties (Denver and Broomfield counties) without elected sheriffs; In 2012 Delaware abolished the office of Sheriff statewide; One of the ways sheriffs can be eliminated is by abolishing counties that's how it was done in Connecticut. And in Alaska since there never were counties there never were sheriffs.

And in New York the elected office of Sheriff has been abolished in seven counties, Nassau, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Richmond, New York and Westchester counties. Presently here in New York they are removing control of gun permits from the sheriff to the state police. The State Police Superintendent is a political position appointed by the Governor, if we lose our sheriffs or they lose their authority we will lose our guns.

New York State Senator Greg Ball said, "There are literally bills in the State Assembly that direct the state police to go to the homes of law-abiding gun owners now, to take, to make illegal the firearms that they have now, to turn those law-abiding gun owners into criminals. To take those weapons by the power of the state police, out of their homes. It's as extreme as you can get."

Therefore we are planning another lawsuit to reinstate elected sheriffs in New York's seven counties and to reestablish their authority and power throughout the state. We need to move now before New York Legislators ram another unconstitutional bill through and we lose our "last line of defense", please help we cannot do it without your support.

For more info on the importance of the county sheriffs go to - and click on "Sheriff - America's Last Hope".

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