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Monday, March 4, 2013


The BIG GOVERNMENT SCAM worsened over the weekend, as President Obama and his media minions continued forecasting a financial and economic Armageddon over the sequester.

Amidst wailings that teachers and firemen would lose their jobs; police would get just one bullet; our military would implode; and our children wouldn't get fed or vaccinated, we saw newly minted Secretary of State, John Kerry go on a spending spree. He doled out $250 million this weekend to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood -- an avowed terrorist organization!

Is your blood boiling, yet?

If things are so bad here in the states, why are we financially underwriting a religious-backed government ... when we won't even allow public prayer in our own?

But we digress.

"Kerry Gone Wild" continues with $2.2 billion requested for Pakistan and $500 million pledged to Syria. Regarding the latter, Kerry said, "The funding will allow the opposition to reach out and help the local councils to be able to rebuild in liberated areas of Syria."

Has anyone talked about rebuilding financially strapped Detroit? Last time we checked, the Motor City was located in the U.S.

+ + Obama Playing Us For Fools

May, this administration is playing us for fools. And if we fail to respond to this latest shakedown by the President to raise our taxes so he can increase federal spending to embolden our enemies, then that's precisely what we are -- fools!

Obama and the media expect us to believe that we are on the razor's edge of ruin. But it's simply not true -- not when John Kerry is globetrotting like Ol' St. Nick with a taxpayer-funded credit card!

As we warned late last week, President Obama and the Left WANT sequester! This is nothing but a BIG LIE being perpetrated on the American people. Obama wants the threat of school teachers and firemen and air traffic controllers losing their jobs because it creates an underlying fear of any cutbacks in government.

Don't buy the BIG LIE. Instead, take immediate action by calling out Obama and the Left.

#1 -- Tell BIG GOVERNMENT Politicians: "We Paid Our 2%! Why Can't You?"

Grassfire has set up a FaxFire to let you tell Congress, "We Paid Our 2%! Why Can't You?" After all, they just imposed a two-percent tax on us with the "fiscal cliff" deal on January 1. That means we were FORCED to cut back our family budgets by two percent. Why can't government do the same?

Instead of doling out millions (or billions) to embolden our enemies, keep taxpayer dollars here!

You can fax your two Florida Senators, your Representative and key leaders on Capitol Hill by clicking here now.

Don't let Obama and the Left play you for a fool, take immediate action by calling out Obama on his manufactured lie.

#2 -- Call Your Members Of Congress

Tell your two Florida Senators and your Representative what you think about Obama's plan to grow government and raise taxes. Let them know that you see through the BIG LIE of BIG GOVERNMENT. Phone numbers:

Sen. Nelson: 202-224-5274 
Sen. Rubio: 202-224-3041  
Rep. Southerland: 202-225-5235  

#3 -- Tell Your Family And Friends To Stand With You By Signing Grassfire's "No New Taxes" Petition

More than 100,000 other grassroots patriots have signed Grassfire's "No New Taxes" petition. We plan to deliver petitions to congressional leaders on Capitol Hill this week. Help us grow this number by an additional 10,000 or more over the next couple of days.

Forward this message, urging your friends to take action with you by going here now to sign:

Remember, just two months ago Congress and Obama raised YOUR TAXES by two percent -- and exactly 60 days later, they're back for more!

At some point, if the American people don't take a stand -- if we don't rise up and call out Obama and his monthly manufactured crises -- we will become the fools that he believes we are.

Don't fall for Obama's BIG LIE! Schedule your faxes for immediate delivery by going here now.

Thanks for the stand you're taking.


P.S. LibertyNEWS editor-in-chief Duane Lester has written an eye-opening piece. Go here to read and comment on "What Sequester?" And click here to watch today's LibertyNEWS video update, "Sequester Shenanigans." Then, please take a moment to share them with your friends and family via email, Facebook and other social media outlets.


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