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Sunday, March 17, 2013


My friend in Washington adopted a Golden Retriever yesterday morning.  Her name is Bella, and this is her photo.  Bobby's been alone since her Dixie left for The Bridge (a black Lab) six years ago and she's missed her every day.  I poked and prodded that woman to get a dog for about three years. She was hesitant even though every time she left the house she was loaded with dog treats, just in case she'd meet any dog, with or without an owner attached to its leash.  She loved Dixie very much and I know there was a huge hole in her heart that hadn't healed, though I kept telling her that a new dog wouldn't take Dixie's place, but would mend that hole in its own sweet way.  She didn't understand my method of mending the tapestry of life with another companion animal.  My own tapestry is a crazy quilt of so many beautiful faces and memories.  The pain of their loss is acute and lingering, sometimes even debilitating, but the joy a new one brings is immediate and the love never fades and is never forgotten.

So suddenly, beautiful Bella, six years old,  came on the scene two days ago in a phone call, in need of a new home because of divorce.  I told her on the phone that she would immediately fall in love, and she did.  The first question she asked Bella's owner was, "Will she sleep on my bed?"

I am sitting here bawling my eyes out with happiness as I type this, wondering if I should call and make sure Bella peed in the rain (she hadn't yet this morning when I called early).  She was sleeping happily on her bed next to Bobby's bed. 

I wish my friend many deliriously happy years with her Bella. 

Most days are just days, but then some are perfect miracles.

I will try to add Bella's lovely photo here with a poem superimposed called "Today I Rescued a Human", sent to Bobby from a friend more techy than I.  It's beautiful, and a real tear jerker.  

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