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Friday, October 5, 2012


If New Yorkers don't remove those anti-Second Amendment zealots that are in power like Schumer and Mayor Bloomberg, they don't deserve better.  When you have so much hate, the Second Amendment and your right to own a weapon cools that right down.

A gun wasn't called "The Great Equalizer" for nothing.

When there is doubt among the thugs that you might be armed, you'll be able to walk the streets freely again.

When you know how to use a weapon and understand what you were given under the Second Amendment, you will hold your head up high, and never be afraid.

It's the old story - if you don't know about your rights (that God gave you), you don't have any.  And then you can be nice and compliant when you are mugged or worse, or when the renegade government sickos that you elected remove your rights and you just sigh....

If you refuse to elect a Republican president, to replace the corrupt, lying POS Muslim you helped get into office with your contributions, you might as well put your own chains on your ankles and clank yourselves to work. 

I have no patience with New Yorkers - and that includes my wonderful first generation Italian father, who willingly gave up his arms when the city demanded he do so under a law that was illegal to begin with.  But being the quiet, good, law-abiding citizen he was, he did as he was told.  He followed orders and we were left unprotected, and his right to own a shotgun to hunt rabbits, was gone.

Here is a link to the Bill of Rights.  If you live in New York or Ohio, or anywhere you are being told you have none, you'd better learn them PRONTO.

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