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Friday, February 4, 2011


I just called Sen. Marco Rubio and am waiting for a callback from his office on this. There is NO REASON why there should ever be a fuel or power shortage in this country. Obama is turning us into a third world country by his refusal to build power plants, harvest the energy resources that we have. Are we to be, in this year 2011, left to the "mercy" of the elements and the whims of our president?

We have the technology to drill for oil, recover clean energy from even low grade coal, recover the natural gasses that are burned off in oil wells (that's your natural gas). Why did Mexico give us electricity from their new near-the-border power plant which is distributed to our Gulf States, and cut it off today? Why is our president refusing to allow drilling or the building of refineries and power plants?

Reason tells me that we need to be energy independent NOW. Foreign countries are out on their oil rigs in the Florida Straits and in the Gulf of Mexico, drilling. Among them is China.

Where are our exports of oil going? Why aren't we keeping our own resources in these times of rising energy costs? Everything runs on oil! Our food is going up because of it. The country runs not on stockpiles of food, clothing, medicines, everything you need to live a decent life, not on warehouses but on the trucks, planes, shipping and rail lines that bring these things to you and I. We do not have an alternative! Use what we have (and if you read this blog, you will remember that there are centuries of just oil to be recovered in mid-America).

I want you to read the Drudge Report today. At the left top you will find energy-related items that you need to know about and why I am so angry.

You will come away furious that the American people are without adequate fuel all over this country in this very brutal weather (which Al Gore says is caused by global warming).

Oil refineries and electrical plants are our infrastructure. Our government is responsible for building them. Our people come first, not the EPA and not cap and trade and certainly not Al Gore. I am all for a clean environment, but there are technologies available now that should be utilized which are non-polluting.

The middle east is too radical, too unstable, too powerful when it comes to America's energy and ingenuity.

Obama must yield to us. This winter is the perfect example. He is an absolute disgrace.

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