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Monday, December 7, 2009

Today we mourn the loss of American sovereignty. Obama will, undoubtedly, ignore the lies exposed in Climategate and sign on to the treaty when he arrives. He's got to do something to justify that Nobel Prize, so he will bow to the global bankers and the rest of the elites and do their bidding.

Hope and Chains was a lie. Dopes in Chains was what was what he meant.

He will have given away our sovereignty by treaty. And all across the globe, you who haven't awakened to the climate change that wasn't, the propaganda that you swallowed and believed that isn't so, will have every shred of freedom stripped from you.

Our planet isn't dying. We will not burn up, freeze or drown. It was all a hoax, and the people gathering in Copenhagen today are liars and power mongers, not fit for anything but hard labor for life, splitting rocks until they pass into hell. The media is the handmaiden of the lies, delivering it to us in plausible, palatable ways, so subtle and professional that they were as powerful as Jim Jones in Guyana. You drank the purple Kool-Aid. They LIED to us for years. And today, 122 tons of carbon will be used in Copenhagen on transportation alone from private jets, limousines, etc.

They lied on a global scale. And most of you believed it. Al Gore should be seized, arrested, charged,sentenced and imprisoned for life. So should everyone who perpetrated and advanced this lie. It was all about how to control you: Physically, mentally, financially, psychologically and we must find a way to destroy this cancer that has spread so slowly, incrementally, because it was a lie of such proportion, that I can't find the correct terminology.

The 150 active volcanoes spew out 100 years worth of carbon in a day. The CO2 in our air is part of our life. It is an important part of life, not death. Trees and green growing things like crops take it in and exchange it for oxygen and water vapor - what most species of life (aside from green plants and trees) need to sustain life. Our atmosphere isn't enclosed in glass. It is permeable, allowing gasses to move into space. We are in no danger of climate change. The earth has natural cycles. Mere man cannot ever control natural forces. But we can control the liars who want to control us.

The United Nations, a dangerous entity which will be put in control of world government sooner or later, should be discredited and disbanded by anyone and all of us who believe in liberty and freedom. It is a den of world figures determined to control the world's population according to them. These world figures do not believe in the basic rights of man. They want to enslave the world; to make life unbearable. They are Communists, Marxists, Stalinists, Nazis. They are the worst of the worst in designer clothing.

The research was flawed and cooked. The emails are there for us to see, and God bless those whistleblowers and/or hackers

Though the sun is shining in Copenhagen, today is a day without sunlight, so the evil in this world can do their diabolical deeds in the dark.

Here is a link to a live blog for the conference:

If you are in Copenhagen, or anywhere else in the world where there are protests, please post videos and photos on Youtube. Then send the link to me. I will post them on this blog for you.

Protest one world government. It starts in Copenhagen.

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1 comment:

Irving S. said...

Freedom Lovers: At least something will be rotten in the state of Denmark when the White House Squirrel (tied to Acorn) arrives in Copenhagen to find ways to CHEW us out and SNUFF out freedom! Speaking of Copenhagen, we've gotta find ways to cope with that publicity hog!
Irv (Squirrel Watcher)