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Monday, December 28, 2009

You've heard it here! IT'S NOT SOCIALISM - IT'S COMMUNISM

It's here. It's now. It is practicing in DC, in the tarnished, tainted halls of our government; it sits in the White House, it pervades every hallway, every desk. And we aren't presenting a united front to save our country?

God bless all our Oathkeepers, our tea partyers, our patriots, the army of bloggers and broadcasters who deliver truth and outrage and encouragement to our citizens who will NOT let freedom and liberty die a horrible death at the fist of the Obama presidency and the unholy entity called the United Nations.

I just have a nagging feeling, and this is JUST a feeling and nothing else, that something terrifying is going to happen within our nation, soon. It may be some kind of attack. Spawned from that - a horrible loss of life - will come full blown government and/or global control.

You will submit or be imprisoned. And freedom will be just a memory to those who have been disarmed by their own, or perhaps by foreign troops, because our soldiers are too busy fighting an undeclared war far from home.

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