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Monday, December 28, 2009

Horses in the news today...unfortunately

There are illegal horse slaughter operations in the US, and today there is a mustang, wild burro (possibly) roundup using helicopters, by BLM in Nevada.

There is a problem here. To my knowledge, the BLM wild horse and burro roundups aren't working out. Some are adopted, most aren't, and these wildborn creatures of the wind and open spaces languish in corrals. Their fate is not humane.

The Montana Messenger had a great feature article in this issue

If you have a love of these wild mustangs and burros, then be sure to visit the site and read the article, including the links., www.respect4horsescom/,

And if you can stand it, The Montana Messenger has videos posted of a horse slaughter plant in Mexico.

And here in the US, where horse slaughter is supposedly illegal, the farms still operate away from the public eye. However, here is a link for you:

If there's a way to help, a petition to sign and send along, a phone call to stop these roundups,
to stop the slaughter houses, to make an effort to euthanize those horses used for racing and other competitions who break their legs or otherwise become incapacitated and should be destroyed and aren't, instead sent to slaughterhouses, to offer foster care until the animal is placed or recovers sufficiently to be placed, please do.

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