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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I wish you liberty and freedom, good health and good fortune unfettered by government restrictions, wherever you are, any place in our world. Work for it. Run for office. Throw off the chains that bind you to misery. Do not be misled by the liars who control banks, who sit in palaces, and own big pharma and big agra and the global elitists. Resist anyone who wants to control your mind or your life.

Thank God for the teabaggers, for they have our best interests in their hands. Thank God for the integrity and the courage of the Oathkeepers, for people bold enough to stand up and dig for the truth, consequences be damned. These are worth your admiration and emulation. Seek truth and share it. Do not let your government deny you the communication of the internet.

Revolution does not need to be bloody.

If legislation endangers your well being, your privacy, your health, the way you conduct your lives - then get involved and overturn or reverse it.

When I looked down into the Grand Canyon, it was overwhelming and only three elements carved it - water, wind and time. When I stood at the edge of a hot spring in Yellowstone and watched steam and superheated water spew from deep within the earth, changing the look of the landscape with every passing second, I saw what time and vulcanism can do. It was all around me. At Battle Butte this past fall, I stood in the wind on a hill and looked down at a terminal moraine, the final resting place of a dying glacier. It produced an unimaginable scene on the windswept prairie.

We need to be as strong as these elements and as determined to change policy so that the human spirit can be free. It takes time, it takes patience, but like the physically changing planet, it will happen. Your freedom will not come immediately or easily. It doesn't come with socialism, with communism, with Marxism, Stalinism or religion, or lies that this old earth will change radically in a year or two - a movement created to control the minds of all people and bring you to servitude. It doesn't come with increased law enforcement or a military that will turn its strength against the people. It doesn't come from edicts issued by royalty.

It comes from a flame that starts in the pit of the soul. With freedom comes liberty and self-determination. Can you imagine the term - the free world, not the free country?

That is what I wish you all.

That precious right given to all of us; that precious thing called freedom.

Happy New Year.

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