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Monday, December 7, 2009

Today we honor our military. It is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

It seems to me that there was little honor bestowed on our lost servicemen and women in an event that changed the world. I was born in 1943. But I remember the air raid sirens - they frightened me in our house, where one candle lit the rooms and the blackout shades were pulled.
There was an enemy submarine detected off South Beach, I think.

But we fought and won that war. Brave men and women won that war. The country was entirely behind them. There was focus and support. And we won. But now? The wars are endlessly dragging on and on with no real vision and no answer. Obama gave the enemy a timetable. Is that not giving comfort to the enemy?

Today, the President is off surrendering our sovereignty to global governance and phony science.
So much is wrong in Obamaland. Our United States has been reduced to a fraction of what it was. We are now the apologists because of Obama.

The Commander-in-Chief knows nothing of military matters.

Why are we in Afghanistan if Admiral McMullen, the President, and everyone else concerned will not let our military win this battle?

Or is it the poppy fields?

I don't know anymore.,0,7201060,full.stor

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