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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some in the Political Class Lie, Deceive, Manipulate And Rob - Rep. Sue Myrick, NC

We have one day to go. Apparently, the phones are turned off or are so busy that no one can get through.

Mitch McConnell has just caved into the Dems pressure. Wonder what he got paid to do it.

I guess emails would be a good thing. I have sent them, too. Have you? Takes a bit of time, and you get to vent, too. Actually, you only have to do your own Senators. But you can give yourself the gift of a rant (and I wouldn't be too polite), for Christmas if you contact more.

Actually, this year we the people, should have built miniature stocks or gallows and sent them to each turncoat traitor for their desks or mantels. You know - nestled in fragrant boughs of fir and
pine and lit with little LED lights from China. Pretty, don't you think. I get all these good ideas after the fact.

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