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Friday, December 11, 2009

Senate Obamacare bill will place caps on benefits

You'd better read this one -

You know, it's one thing if the liars and thugs plan against us in the dark. That's what you expect from criminals. The outrageous thing is that when the thieves and thugs, liars and cheats do their dirty work in the sunshine, without any fear of us, their ultimate boss.

That's really bad.

But what's worse, is that we aren't rising up in a great wave and smashing THEIR dreams instead of ours; humiliating them, treating them like dirt; getting rid of them, one way or another as our responsibility to the Republic dictates. Wipe the floor up with them. Clean the slate, hose out the muck, and start over.

What does our inaction say about us? It's time for people power - and not in teabag form.

By our actions - or the actions of a comparative few - they have gauged that we are no threat to "them".

I know you are seething with anger, and so is your neighbor.

It's time we let them know just how angry we are.

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