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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sen. Inhofe askes Sen. Barbara Boxer to investigate Climategate

Oh - and for the record: I don't care if Tiger Woods is screwing his brains out with his mistress, or that Meredith Baxter Burney whatever her name is, has come out of the closet, announcing she is gay. She'll be on The View is 27 seconds. I don't care! Tiger's wife will divorce him and that'll be that but she'll have a big allowance and she'll do just fine.

THOSE THINGS JUST DON'T MATTER. SO, TO THE MEDIA - You are NOT going to divert our attention from the things that Climategate and this horrendous global hoax, or that Obama has endangered our troops in a speech that gave away a timeline. Or that Van Jones is still advising the fraud-in-chief - a case of gone but not forgotten. Is he getting a salary for his services? Favors? YES - I said favors. Or that NYC is protesting the terrorist trials which are going to be whitewashed by Eric Holder and cronies. I won't be surprised if they get off with a wrist slap. They should have been handed over to the families to decide their fate.

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