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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rand Paul adopts good stuff in run for Senate

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I travelled down to Kentucky last Friday to meet with Dr. Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul, and candidate for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky. I was there to discuss our Downsize DC Agenda proposals -- the Read the Bills Act, etc.

We met at a coffee shop. I just arrived after four hours on the road, walked in, and before I could order anything they suggested turning on a camera to tape our discussion so they could put it on their website. I still had gum in my mouth, but off we went with the interview. IT WAS GREAT! WATCH IT!

* The Rand Paul website is here:
* You can watch the video on his homepage, or if that doesn't work for some reason, you can watch it here:

There's a very good chance Dr. Paul will be the new Senator from Kentucky, so it was very exciting and gratifying to hear him endorse and agree that he would introduce every single item of the Downsize DC Agenda! That means . . .

* The Read the Bills Act
* The One Subject at a Time Act
* The Write the Laws Act


He also promised to co-sponsor the Enumerated Powers Act, introduced in the Senate by Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

And shortly after the camera went off, he told me he'd also re-introduce the Fiscal Responsibility Act. This is a bill to cut Congressional pay each year they run a deficit. Since Nathan Deal of Georgia has refused to reintroduce it in this Congress, we haven't updated the campaign.

Please go to Rand Paul's homepage and watch the video!

And sorry about the gum chewing.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. I'm so excited that I've personally signed up to be on Rand Paul's email list and joined his Tea Party Moneybomb "cause" on Facebook.

P.P.S. Also available on YouTube.

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