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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Father finds son after 17 yr. absence on MySpace

OK - then someone out there on the internet knows where my friend from the 60s is!

Her maiden name: Nancy Dreher
She worked for Columbia Records in the CBS, Inc. headquarters building in NYC.
She married Bruce Tiedermann sometime in the late 60s and moved to New Jersey - Tom's River, maybe. They were married in a chapel of St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC.
And then I lost her. I have looked for her in every phone book in every town I've traveled to.
I can't find her. She was from Rochester, NY.
I remember her father's name was Francis Xavier Dreher (Frank).
She had a brother. At the time she was working in NYC she was living in either Newark or Bayonne.

Do you know her?

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