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Sunday, October 21, 2012


I've read everything I've published here on Ambassador Chris Stevens.  There is much intrigue concerning his business in Benghazi, and we will never know the full extent of the dark catacombs of corruption in our government concerning this.

But four families grieve still.  These were Americans.

To hear Barack Hussein Obama, the closet Muslim in the White House dismiss their deaths (I wonder if the parents got a autopen "Sorry they died, but you know how it is", letter from him), so callously, makes my blood boil.

I think every person who is connected to this should be in jail today, awaiting a hearing, the president as well.
He is an opportunistic feeder, and he will do ANYTHING TO REGAIN HIS THRONE.

If you have children of voting age, who are entirely ignorant of even where Benghazi is or its importance to our nation at this time, you need to have a straight talk with them.  If they are in college and have no clue, if they were mine, they wouldn't get money for tuition from me from the next term.  They want an education?  Let them work (HA!) for it.  There are NO jobs in Obamaland.

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