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Friday, October 12, 2012


Maybe that's the right word.  Maybe better than appalled, I was just amazed at Biden's rude nonsense and his overdone theater of laughter, smiles, biting of lip, shaking of head and the orchestration with the moderator, Raddatz, to allow him to interrupt Ryan 88 times.

Here's what a friend had to say this morning, and I think this take is excellent.  Someone should send this to the Romney/Ryan advisers.  I personally resented this as much as a drunk in a bar coming over to force a free drink on me and calling me "friend".

I was hoping he would shove the "FRIEND" name tag down Biden's throat.

He should have said he was not Biden's friend, that using that term devalued
the worth of his real friends. Then continued by saying this inability to
distinguish acquaintances from friends was an indicator of an inability to
distinguish friend from foe. Ryan should have parlayed this to include
Netanyahu, as an example. A friend comes half way around the world, you
don't ignore him. You stop what you are doing and welcome him...

Opportunity lost. 
Since my political lightbulb moment came to me, I have had a severe dislike for many in Congress, and Biden the blustering, bombastic, bigmouth, is one of them.
I wanted to slap his face.
He made no points intellectually.  He just tried to bully.  "Joe being Joe" is stupid.  It doesn't work.  It didn't work. It won't work in the future.  I shudder to think he's next in line for the moment.  Was he drunk?

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