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Friday, October 26, 2012



“In a few short days we may be witness to the death of a Republic, the fading glimmer of a truly golden age. In our life time we have been witness to an age of wonder my friends, we have gone from horses to walking on another world, from party line telephones to the near magic of television and the cell phone. We have seen the world change before our eyes, and have discovered the true cost was far more than we were told, we have discovered the hopes we had for our children and their children, the legacy of freedom and liberty slowly but inexorably rendered impotent, removed from our hands to be replaced with a dark specter of helplessness. We have seen this wonderland that we built with our own love and labor, nurtured in our hearts and hands, created from the earth beneath our feet, rendered a dense and dismal darkness in the hands of incompetence and arrogance. The trust we had in the system to watch over us while we labored in the fields, created a land that we no longer recognize, that no longer recognizes us as sovereign citizens, betrayed that trust in wanton greed and the unmistakable hunger for power.  However when the golden goose is laid upon the table for the final feast, we all will starve in the cold and dark.
          There is a term in the world of jurisprudence, “malice aforethought” that is generally defined as the deliberate premeditation to commit a willful act without legal justification or excuse, a malicious design to injure…” The astute and discerning citizen cannot help but make the distinction the last few years fit that description quite well. For those who understand this concept no explanation is necessary, for those who, for whatever reason or excuse cannot understand it, no explanation is possible.  The sociopathology
of the political dictator’s mind cannot grasp the notion he, or she, can be held accountable, that the invulnerable shield of the ego will suffice to ward off the slings and arrows that are surely waiting. History has a penchant for disabusing that notion.

          In a few short days we will bear witness to the death of our Republic, or the granting of a reprieve, a stay of execution as it were. I fear the damage that has been done cannot be undone, not in our lifetime.   I grieve for what was, and will never be again.” 

D. de London,

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