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Thursday, October 4, 2012


If anyone has more to add on this "down low" situation, please do.  You can remain anonymous.  This is growing legs as are lots of things.  You just can't make this stuff up.  Rumors fly.  People tell their stories.
It's not about homosexuality and a facade, though those lies must really anger the gay community - after all, he's as good "gay" as he is if he's "straight", so why should be ashamed.  But to hide behind  Michelle's expensive skirts, and bring children into the world because of blind ambition...and I'm sure he's a wonderful father - don't get me wrong...but if he lies over this (if it's true), what other lies are they telling us?

To a writer, this is dream stuff.  I'm trying to tell you as a writer, this story is so convoluted and so powerful, if it's true, that a writer would be hardpressed to include all the details.  It's got everything for a best selling blockbuster of a novel.  Lies, deceit, multiple lovers, gay baths, Chicago mafia, religious taboos, politics, murder, exotic places, bi-racial characters, unexplained identification items, a forged birth certificate, trips to an enemy country, but the living of the lie...that's what got me.  Seems to me that Obama is a man made of lies and secrets.  He isn't real.  That's my problem - not that he could be gay; the bi-racial thing is irrelevant today, but the problems lie in the dark cubbyholes of his past...and so few really know who he is.

Millions of dollars were spent to hide his secret past.

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