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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


And here's a little something from a Montana patriot I don't know, but what he wrote needs to be said.

Hello fellow Patriots.

I just wanted to write you this letter as a reminder. Approx. 6 years ago we decided to use the Republican party to get our country back in order because we knew our country was in shambles. We realized we did not have time to start a new party. At that time we knew the party was corrupt and still is. This issomething that will not be changed quickly. Personally I feel there should be no parties and everyone should be elected as individuals.

 Democrats and Republicans need to be reminded that we really don"t believe in either party and the proof of that is we hack out Republicans as well as Democrats who are not Constitutionally oriented. I truly feel even to this day we made the right decision to use one of the existing parties, I know the Republicans hate us as much as the Democrats. They would love to see us go away. If we do> they win. We must stay on track and remain focused because we are making a difference. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but persistence is everything. Lets keep shining the light on them and when we get slapped in the face brush it off and get back up.

We will succeed,with Gods timing. I don"t think it matters who is president we have a can of woopass coming. We must stay in position and continue to tell the people the truth. When the suction breaks and peoples head come out of their you know what they will be looking to us for answers.  remember what the Lord told King David, TAKE CARE OF MY SHEEP. Even though his own people were trying to kill him for many years. He learned things never got much easier when he became King.

 Leading is a very difficult job. I do not want to tell anyone what to do or how to vote, but I want to share with you what my convictions are. I am a Ron Paul supporter and have been slapped hard in the face by the Republican party. I will vote for Romney because I cannot bear to watch a man who hates our country and everything we stand for, for another four years.

I have had the opportunity to meet some real good Mormons who love this country and feel the same way we do. They are very principled in their beliefs and at times make me look like a heathen. We maybe surprised when the big money masters tell Romney to do something that is evil and he tells them to go to hell. Romney is probably not the poster child for president, but one thing I do know is he doesn't hate our country.

 I personally feel that I need to stay in the Republican party, make sure they keep seeing my ugly face and continue to shine the light. I always remember George Patton's words. NEVER EVER, EVER GIVE UP

P.S. I hope this letter can be a little fruit for thought. Please forgive me if some of my punctuations are not correct. I am a Mason by trade and my secretary is not here. Feel free to comment, but don"t chew me up too hard. I"m very sensitive and my back hurts.

May the good Lord ride with us.

Thanks, "RH"

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