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Saturday, October 20, 2012


There is a maritime term, “barratry” that may be loosely defined as the deliberate wrecking of a ship that its cargo may be plundered. 

In a few short days we, the American voters will be called upon to once more determine if this great ship of ours will remain afloat, or founder on the rocky shoals of socialism. The helmsman at the wheel is responsible for the safety of his ship and his crew; it is our responsibility to see that he does it. Do you feel that the ‘status quo’ meets those criteria, or is it time to chart a new course away from the thundering reef dead ahead.

The choice is yours and mine to do what is right. The ravening hordes are laying in wait to pick the bones of this country, our country, the one that you and I built. On November sixth we must stand together to defend it to see that it does not disappear beneath the waves, the cargo our ship carries has cost far too much to be surrendered in ignorance and apathy. 

The responsibility is ours, yours and mine.

An ancient philosopher once said, “never confuse facts with truth, facts are always provable, whereas truth may be bent to meet the expedient.”

On election day, vote on the facts, not the expedient truths of political rhetoric.

H/T to reader DL

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