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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Conclub Report
The Constitution Club -

The Constitution Club is a group blog that presents an array of perspectives on society, politics, and culture that is always ahead of the curve. We are dedicated to the cause of liberty and exposing the hypocrisy and failed policies of the Left. The work of our writers has been referenced by, Fox Nation, the G. Gordon Liddy program, and the Rush Limbaugh show as well as numerous other media and blogging outlets. Visit us daily for commentary that will inflame, inform, and enlighten. A selection of recent articles can be found below and be sure to visit us at for more commentary, news, and videos on the issues of the day.

The Constitution Club blog is always looking for new authors who can provide interesting and fresh perspectives on the issues of the day. If you write from a conservative or right-wing libertarian perspective you are encouraged to contact us at

Visit our sister site The Conservative Citizen Project to access articles, blogs, websites, videos, and documents pertaining to the conservative philosophy. Knowledge is power, and every conservative should be well armed for the ideological struggle.

If you would like to opt out of future issues of The Conclub Report please email with "cancel" in the subject line. Thank you.

All views expressed in an article are the sole opinion of that particular author and not necessarily the views of any other authors or the administrators of The Constitution Club blog.

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