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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The Great Obama Dictatorship

Barack Obama certainly wants to be a dictator. He has delusions of being one. He has openly and publicly longed to have the powers of a dictator.
Now he is starting to act like one.
The only problem is this is America and so far the Constitution still governs the United States. However, that has not stopped Obama from trying to act like a dictator.
What is the latest Obama scandal and will this scandal bring Obama down?
 The Department of "Justice" seized two months of phone records from the Associated Press. These were records of outgoing phone calls from the Associated Press office, as well as personal numbers for AP reporters. The numbers the Department of Justice was most interested in were numbers that belonged to journalists.
It’s hard to say what is more stunning, the arrogance of the Obama Regime or the incompetence of the Obama Regime.
The Obama Regime has been nothing but a series of scandals.
There are almost too many of them to list. These range from the funneling of government money to his friends and contributors to the theft of General Motors from its shareholders to the Unions, to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS profiling of patriots and now the AP phone record scandal. Many more will
come as the dam is breaking.
This one is the one that crosses the line and shows the greatest Obama incompetence.
The one thing that has held the Obama Regime together and has kept it in power is the obedience of the mainstream media or as it should better be known as, the Obama Propaganda Media.
 Some conservative writers have called the media, “Obama’s palace guard.” Others call it, "the lap dog media."
They have worked overtime to protect Obama and bury stories of scandal in the regime and bury stories of Obama’s incompetence. They have tried to focus on conservatives, smearing them at every opportunity.
The effect was to get him elected and then re-elected. Many liberal journalists have virtually sold their journalistic souls to Obama.
But now Obama has crossed a line.
In dictatorships, the leader will crush an independent media and punish those who talk to the media. Obama has had the narcissistically insane idea that he could punish journalists and leakers with impunity because the media loved him and would never turn on him.  Are they now turning faster than Linda Blair’s head in “The Exorcist?”
Obama has stabbed his most loyal supporters in the back and this is the one group that could bring Obama down.
If the liberal media decides they are not going to protect Obama anymore and start doing their job, namely accurately reporting on the regime, we will see his approval ratings fall to a level we have never seen in a President.
Obama has turned on the media and we can now hope the media is going to return the favor.
The beauty of this is it will destroy Obama’s attempts at a second term agenda. Assuming the media reports these scandals or even if it just stops burying stories that are unfavorable to Obama, the chances of Republican control of the Senate just went up dramatically.
And then again, there is every conservative’s favorite word, Impeachment.
Impeachment is a political decision, not a judicial decision. There are probably enough votes in the House to deliver Articles of Impeachment right now. It would immediately die in the Senate while Harry Reid is the majority leader.
The 2014 election may well change control of the Senate but will not give the GOP a super-majority needed to remove Obama from office.
One of the big decisions Republicans would have to make is this. Are they better off with a scandal ridden Obama finishing his term or with a President Joe Biden who can disavow knowledge of Obama scandals and who the media can suddenly fall in love with again?
Remember, if Barack Obama is removed from office, Biden succeeds him. Is he really any better than Obama? If Biden were to ascend to the Presidency, that increases not decreases the chances of the Democrats keeping the White House in 2016.
These are questions conservatives need to think about as we watch these scandals unfold.
A wise friend of mine once told me, “Never complain about incompetent opposition. They could get better.”
We are seeing the incompetence of the Obama Regime now. Without the media to protect him, the next three years will be very bumpy for the Narcissist-in-Chief.

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