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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Some time in the 90s, we spent 9 days aboard the Pirate's Lady  and sailed through the serene turquoise and aqua colored waters of the Bermuda Triangle.  I'd read about Atlantis and the strange events that happened there for years.  Maybe decades.  We did get becalmed; we did lose our compass, and then, when all of us on board saw the sting ray, mentioned in my book of nature memoirs "Waltz on the Wild Side - An Animal Lover's Journal", I am convinced that anything could be; that we are so arrogant that other civilizations even from other planets and not just figments of fancy.  But I don't think so, because I personally saw, without embellishing - a sting ray who could have been a whale, relaxing in the fine coral sand under the boat in less than 30' of water.  It was stunning.

Just keep an open mind.

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