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Friday, May 31, 2013


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May 31, 2013

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**Statistic of the Week: The average pay for a female CEO in the US is $11.2 million. The average pay for a male CEO in the US is $9.6 million. (5/27/13).

US backed Death Squads killing LA Gang Members in Honduras
May 30, 2013. La Ceiba. It's been a long time since US-backed and US-trained death squads operated with impunity throughout the Central American country of Honduras. Not since Oliver North and the Reagan administration has the terrorizing and illegal tactic been employed there. But now, the Obama administration is accused of renewing the practice in an effort to fight Los Angeles' largest street gang 18th Street.

Millions march against Monsanto and GMO Foods
May 29, 2013. There's a war going on for control of the world's food supply. And one side took to the streets on Saturday to show their strength in the face of numerous recent defeats. 700 demonstrators came out in Chicago, 800 in Orlando, and an eye-popping 6,000 marched in Portland. In cities across the globe, regular people came out by the millions to demand an end to the corruption of the world's food by corporations like Monsanto.

Forbes warns US of National Betrayal by Corporate Media
May 28, 2013. New York. In two separate reports last week, Forbes Magazine warned its readers that their freedom, their democracy and even the USA itself are in dire jeopardy, not tomorrow or someday, but today. For 30 years America has transferred trillions of dollars in wealth, tens of millions of jobs, and now finally our national defense - to the Communist Chinese red army. And America's media is covering it up.

On Memorial Day, remember America's lone POW
May 26, 2013. Hailey. This Memorial Day weekend, Americans will hopefully spend some of their time remembering those brave souls who lost their lives in defense of our country and the cause of freedom. But this year, we ask that you remember someone else - Bowe Bergdahl - America's only official POW/MIA.

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