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Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Sheriff Gil Gilbertson
1901 NE “F” St – Grants Pass OR 97526
(541) 474-5120
FAX (541) 474-5114
January 15, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20501

Dear Mr. Vice President,

As the elected Sheriff of this County, I am saddled with the duty, as well as responsibility, to
uphold the Constitution and protect those people who placed their trust in me to do what is right.
I believe in our Constitution and all it stands for. We, you and I, are sworn to protect and defend
our Constitution as required through the “Oath of Office”. This same Constitutional form of
government provided us with the most privileged, and envied, country in world history.

Someone once said our country would collapse from within, without a shot being fired. No nation
in the world can do more damage to the United States than we can inflict upon ourselves. We are
keenly aware of just that by the accelerated pace in which our central (federal) government is
usurping the Constitution. This lends itself to a much broader discussion, but for brevity sake I
remain focused upon the Second, and Tenth Amendment issues.

It is so typical of the “big brother” mentality to punish the masses, for the heinous crimes
committed by a few despicable individuals.

The Constitution, and Bill of Rights, guarantees liberties to the people. These documents, as you
know, cannot be whisked to the side by regulation or executive order. According to these
documents, the Executive and Judicial branches were to have NO lawmaking powers. The
question then becomes how is it “executive” orders can be enforced as if they were laws?
As such, any rule, regulation, or executive order repugnant to the constitutional rights of the
citizens of this County will be ignored by this Office, nor will this office, or the citizens, allow
enforcement of unconstitutional activities by federal officers.

We refuse to participate, or allow our law-abiding citizens to be criminalized through
constitutionally repugnant actions by misguided intentions or politicians.

Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff
Josephine County, Oregon

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