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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


He also admitted that the totalitarian dictator in the White House is out to kill us.

When you read it, remember that all the necessary preparations have been made.

The crises have been useful - they were false flags, you know by now, don't you, including Newtown;
the FEMA camps are staffed and in operation, waiting for you.  Do you think our "ghettos" will be safe?  Uneducated, poor, living in projects are easy pickings.  Obama doesn't love you, my black and brown friends. You cost too much money to keep fed.  The term is "useless eaters". And you mean a vote when it's time for his illegal third term. 

The armament and a billion human-killing bullets have been bought and are now being distributed to population centers.  That should be somewhere in today's blog.  They are on the move.  Feinstein now intends to take your gun if it has a pistol grip.  Any gun. But law enforcement, anyone in government can have machine guns if they want to - BUT YOU CANNOT.  YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED.  YOU ARE BAD.  YOU COULD BE A POTENTIAL TERRORIST.   Though the Second Amendment was to protect us from dictators and despots, dangerous invaders and ruthless murderers,  it also enabled, at a low level, the procurement of food through hunting.  Should the shit hit the fan in the coming days or months, and our food supply is turned off, those in rural areas will hunt to survive.

The Muslims today came out and said it's ok to cannibalize enemies of Allah - the infidels.

And then, we've gone so far today as to have a school in Colorado pledge allegiance to Allah.  Look it up.  I'm too tired to post it tonight.

Are you having doubts about your personal safety?

Better start emailing, attending pro-Second Amendment rallies, calling your Congressional power craven perverts at their offices and visiting them when they're in their home district.

The specter of war in our time, in our states, our counties, our streets, is becoming reality, and all because you voted for this man, this dictator and have been had, like frightened sheep, because you allowed yourselves to be brainwashed.

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