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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Pass this on to your veteran friends.

If I hear anyone suggest a career in the armed services to a young person, I will spit on you.  You are degrading the person to whom you are speaking, urging that person to serve a dictator.

If your loved one is in the military, serving in one of the multi-wars we are waging,  this should prove to you the term, "cannon fodder".  Your loved one is "cannon fodder" and nothing else and their bravery is being mocked by this medal apparently to the great joy and satisfaction of the Pentagon, Panetta and Obama.

Until the communist, socialist, marxist traitors, the Rinos and the .....rats are run out of Washington,  the place fumigated, and a bona fide, constitutionally elected president takes over, and the criminals all shot for treason, I will spit on you for disrespecting yourselves and our brave men and women who served so courageously, giving up their lives and limbs and mental well being.

Getting a medal for playing video wargames in a remote, dark room and killing people halfway around the world isn't heroism.  It's playing life and death games in a cocoon, safe from harm; warm, comfortable and cozy - not in some godforsaken place where bombs are falling and erupting, bullets are spraying, where your head could well be severed from your body and you can't trust "the people" not to detonate themselves or their children next to you; where you can't even read your Bible for comfort and solace or get one night's sleep.

Take a look at the ribbon itself; could the light blue be construed as UN blue?  Could the wreath around the globe stand for global governance?  I don't know.  Do you?

It's time to clean out the barn, throw out the trash, turn Washington DC inside out and hose it all down.  Way past time...don't you think?  May I be first to (wo)man the hose?

Toll free to Congress:  1-866-220-0044

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