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Sunday, February 24, 2013


OK.  You all know by now, I think, that I got rid of my cable and now get one channel, a rather uncontroversial Fox station to satisfy numbing my brain (it works so hard all day) with a couple of my favorite sitcoms at night.

Last night after a paranormal program (see, I don't even pay attention to the name of the show), which comes on only on Friday, there was another similar program on exploring the anti-Christ, Armageddon, the one-world government our "leader"  wants to enforce and the horrors of the transition under him.

Damn it to hell, if it didn't sound like the man with no past who sits in the White House!  He rises out of a foggy past which is full of lies as to his being raised in poverty, educated and carefully sponsored by "someone",  he comes to power like Hitler, a budding, cruel dictator seducing a segment of the population, destroying the family, destroying our religious beliefs, disarming us, impervious to accountability and criminal charges obstructing our political process, taking over the minds of our children, raising his own army to kill us,  and BANG, we are in perpetual war, the air, water, soil and food we eat poisoned, issued a chip or card to conduct every aspect of life, get used, witness unspeakable horrors so much that this line stood out (to paraphrase) - life will be such a horror that those who are murdered will be the lucky ones.

Bear in mind...I am not religious and I don't attend religious services anywhere.  I have my own way of speaking to the Creator,  understand my mortality and good vs. evil.  I have never read the Bible through.  I straddle a fence - Christianity and Judaism, and the twain is easy for me.

But I also believe there is one merciful Creator for all of us and our problems are created by the free will He gave us.

After last night I believe the anti-Christ is already among us.  We just haven't recognized him yet.

Let me ask you...if Christ were a homeless man, walking among us, and say, like in most of the art we see
of Him, He is wearing a white caftan-like outfit, or maybe he's dressed all in preferential white - maybe white jeans and a white shirt, or just bizarrely; if he were preaching in a local park like that...would you have him arrested, consider him a nut case and ignore Him?  Would you call 911 and have Him removed maybe as a danger to your children if He patted their heads?  Send Him to a homeless shelter? Commit him to a state hospital for the insane? How would you know, if He professed to be Christ or God and you were Christian or Jewish, would you think He was blasphemous?  If you were a minister or a rabbi, would you turn away and be furious that this person dared impersonate God or the son of God?  Would you say, "OK, if you say so, prove it?"

What would you do?

If you were to meet this man, and He needed money or food, asked for you to shelter Him in your home, would you consider Him a panhandler or worse, and call the cops?  Have him removed?

How would you know?

My point is, that it could be that Bible prophecy is already coming true.  He is here among us.  Is it possible?
What do you think?  By his actions to enslave us, driven to take away all the rights given to us by God, could it be?  To tax us out of our homes, to eat what he decides, to poison our water our food and our air, to tax us into poverty, to pit races and religions against the other, to take away our ambition and our will, to keep us in bondage to him who grants us housing and take away our way of life, the rules by which we existed peacefully  so carefully crafted by thoughtful, war-weary,  hopeful men so brilliant in foresight?

Is this a political battle or is this a battle of good against evil?

Could it be the anti-Christ  is already here?

It's in your hands.


Anonymous said...

YES, Barak Hussane Obama IS The ANTI-christ. He will be revealed when the New Pope is elected.

Doc said...

Pretty sure I read something once in the book of Revelation about the Obama-Nation of Desolation. Even if it aint the imposter in chief, the way he's treated by the fawning presstitutes tells me that they're looking longingly for his appearance...