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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Make no mistake, just as Obamacare has little or nothing to do with actually providing quality health coverage and everything to do with controlling how Americans live, so too is Obama’s latest push to remove guns from citizens yet another in an ever-increasing series of Big Government power grabs under the guise of “helping” treat a problem.
The hypocrisy of Obama’s claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was the “worst” day of his presidency is disproven by simply using Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago as
Exhibit #1

A just released report indicated Chicago logged its 500th gunshot death of the year last week – a city that has the most stringent gun regulations in the entire nation.
Of those 500 gun violence deaths, 60 were children. Here is an excerpt from a weekly report published just this past week:
*A young girl and her mother were shot inside their home while sleeping on the Far South Side on Calumet Avenue early Thursday.
**Overnight, a 1-year-old child sleeping in bed was wounded in the head by a bullet fired from outside.
***Another child is being treated at Christ Hospital. One-year-old Jayilah Allen has a gunshot wound to the head.
    (“This is ridiculous,” Katina Allen said. “Kids come shoot up your house. My little niece is one year old, battling for her life.”)
****Two boys, 12 and 14 years old, were playing football Thursday afternoon in their Roseland neighborhood when they were hit by gunfire. LINK

How much concern has Barack Obama shown for those 60 children killed by gun violence in his hometown of Chicago in just the last year alone? NONE. Obama knows well the very restrictive anti-gun policies of his own adopted hometown, and how those policies have failed miserably to protect the citizens of that city – where law abiding citizens find it almost impossible to arm themselves as effectively as the criminals.

Obama states he is dubious about the effectiveness of schools hiring armed guards, or allowing teachers to take gun training classes and arm themselves. This statement is a lie by Barack Obama – one of many on this issue alone, let alone all the others. What the president doesn’t want are individuals, schools, and communities taking the initiative to protect themselves. That takes the authority AWAY from the federal government rather than give it TO the federal government. Barack Obama is a devout advocate of Bigger Government at the expense of freedom for the individual, the community, and the state. Federal gun laws are designed to promote Big Government. If such laws were truly effective, Chicago would be among the safest cities in the country. The opposite is true. Barack Obama and his cadre of hand-wringing, whining liberals in Congress and the
(alleged) media know this as fact – but when an "opportunity" such as the tragedy of Sandy Hook presents itself, they are quick to promote their Big Government agenda.

The facts are clear. Both the city of Chicago and the Sandy Hook Elementary Schools are "gun-free zones" just as the theater in Aurora was when a madman decided to
crash the premier of Batman. Ditto for Columbine and Virginia Tech.  Gun-free zones are obviously killing zones. Think about this, is your own home a gun-free zone?

I would propose a very simple request of Barack Obama on this issue. If he truly believes further federal regulations against gun owners will make Americans safer, then he should simply travel to his hometown of Chicago – well known as the gun regulation capital of the United States, and walk its streets at night without armed Secret Service protection. Surely a city that still bans gun ownership from its citizens would be a place of such safety that Barack Obama would feel fully confident to travel about unprotected, right?
So go ahead Mr. President – prove to us how effective you believe those gun regulations really are.

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