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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Chronicle · January 16, 2013

The Foundation

"Of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants." --Alexander Hamilton


"The president of the United States will release a binder full of new gun-control executive orders [today]. Instead of standing alone, bearing full responsibility for the imperial actions he is about to take, President Obama will surround himself with an audience of kids who wrote to him after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. This is the most cynical in Beltway theatrical staging -- a feckless attempt to invoke 'For the Children' immunity by hiding behind them. ... The Obama White House has shamelessly employed this kiddie human shield strategy at every turn to blunt substantive criticism and dissent. ... From health care to gun control, the left has perfected this fallacious art of prop-a-palooza -- the well-being of the children and national discourse be damned. Political vultures in Washington refuse to do the one thing that might actually benefit the children they recklessly use and abuse as fodder: Grow up." --columnist Michelle Malkin
"[C]hanging magazines takes one to three seconds, which will rarely make a difference in assaults on unarmed people. The gunman in Connecticut, for example, reportedly fired about 150 rounds, so he must have switched his 30-round magazines at least four times; he stopped only because police were closing in, which prompted him to kill himself. Magazine size is more likely to matter in confrontations with people who are armed, which is why it is dangerously presumptuous for the government to declare that no one needs to fire more than X number of rounds. ... If magazines holding more than 10 rounds are not useful for self-defense and defense of others, shouldn't the same limit be imposed on police officers and bodyguards (including the Secret Service agents who protect the president)? And if the additional rounds do provide more protection against armed assailants, it hardly makes sense to cite the threat of such attacks as a reason to deny law-abiding citizens that extra measure of safety." --columnist Jacob Sullum
"Many of today's youngsters begin the school day passing through metal detectors. Guards patrol school hallways, and police cars patrol outside. Despite these measures, assaults, knifings and shootings occur. ... For well over a half-century, the nation's liberals and progressives ... have waged war on traditions, customs and moral values. These people taught their vision, that there are no moral absolutes, to our young people. To them, what's moral or immoral is a matter of convenience, personal opinion or a consensus. ... Customs, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette, not laws and government regulations, are what make for a civilized society. ... The importance of customs, traditions and moral values as a means of regulating behavior is that people behave themselves even if nobody's watching. Police and laws can never replace these restraints on personal conduct so as to produce a civilized society." --economist Walter E. Williams
"[A]bout a hundred years ago, Professor John Dewey of Columbia University came up with a very different conception of education -- one that has spread through American schools of education, and even influenced education in countries overseas. John Dewey saw the role of the teacher, not as a transmitter of a society's culture to the young, but as an agent of change -- someone strategically placed, with an opportunity to condition students to want a different kind of society. A century later, we are seeing schools across America indoctrinating students to believe in all sorts of politically correct notions. The history that is taught in too many of our schools is a history that emphasizes everything that has gone bad, or can be made to look bad, in America -- and that gives little, if any, attention to the great achievements of this country." --economist Thomas Sowell
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"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." --Ronald Reagan
"We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was 'legal' and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was 'illegal.'" --Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

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Editorial Exegesis

"President Obama likes to talk about civility in politics, but then he has a particular personal talent for attributing to his political opponents only base motives and beliefs they don't come close to holding. Consult his Monday press conference for a classic of the genre. Mr. Obama was asked an anodyne question at one point about reducing the deficit and the long-term accumulation of debt, and perhaps you've noticed that the deficit is $1 trillion a year and the debt is building rapidly toward 90% of GDP. Mr. Obama acted as if solving this problem would be a pleasant stroll through a dewy meadow, claiming that 'if we're trying to reduce the deficit, then we can shape a bipartisan plan to reduce the deficit. ... There's a recipe for getting that done.' Good to know. And there are a few reasonable Republicans, Mr. Obama allowed. 'But it seems as if what's motivating and propelling at this point some of the House Republicans is more than simply deficit reduction.' Here's the rest in full: 'They have a particular vision about what government should and should not do. So they are suspicious about government's commitments, for example, to make sure that seniors have decent health care as they get older. They have suspicions about Social Security. They have suspicions about whether government should make sure that kids in poverty are getting enough to eat, or whether we should be spending money on medical research. So they've got a particular view of what government should do and should be.' The next time Mr. Obama holds a press conference, somebody should ask him to identify by name those who want to repeal Social Security, steal food from orphans and cancel science funding. We'd like to meet these Visigoths. Otherwise, if the fiscal negotiations are going nowhere, perhaps it is because the President simply won't make an honest argument." --The Wall Street Journal


Blame game: "This is a matter of Congress authorizes spending. They order me to spend." --Barack Obama
Raise taxes again: "The fact is, though, we can't finish the job of deficit reduction through spending cuts alone. We need more revenue." --Barack Obama
The BIG Lie: "[F]rom the start, my concern was making sure that we had a tax code that was fair and that protected the middle class, and my biggest priority was making sure that middle-class taxes did not go up." --BO
Shameless: "So if the goal is to make sure that we are being responsible about our debt and our deficit, if that's the conversation we're having, I'm happy to have that conversation. ... What I will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the American people." --BO
If Republicans cared about kids, they'd ban guns: "My starting point is not to worry about the politics; my starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works; what should we be doing to make sure that our children are safe and that we're reducing the incidents of gun violence. ... [I]f, in fact -- and I believe this is true -- everybody across party lines was as deeply moved and saddened as I was by what happened in Newtown, then we're going to have to vote based on what we think is best." --Barack Obama
Blaming greed for gun sales: "As far as people lining up and purchasing more guns, I think that we've seen for some time now that those who oppose any common-sense gun control or gun safety measures have a pretty effective way of ginning up fear on the part of gun owners that somehow the federal government is about to take all your guns away. And there's probably an economic element to that. It obviously is good for business." --Barack Obama
The BIG Lie II: "Half of all mass killings in the United States have occurred since the assault weapon ban expired in 2005 -- half in the history of the country." --Bill Clinton (Actually, it's about 20 percent, and very few of those perpetrators used semi-automatic rifles.)
"Reasonable" measures: "During this time of grief and reflection, gun retailers have to think twice about selling assault weapons to people stocking up on firearms. Extremist gun advocates are throwing gasoline on the fire of the nation's problem. Our largest retailers have an opportunity to put it out." --Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
"If we come out of the Newtown experience and all we do is talk about it and not have a result, that would be a dereliction of duty on the part of us in public office. We must find a place where we can come to agreement on this." --House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who's new term for gun control is "gun violence prevention"
Clueless: "Hunters don't use large ammunition clips, and as far as self defense, I mean who are you defending yourself against? If you're defending yourself against a robber ... if you have a pistol permit or you're carrying a gun because you work for Wells Fargo and you're taking money in and out of a bank or something, two or three or four shots should be enough -- period." --Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
"Assault weapons are not about hunting or even self-defense, and they should be off the streets. There is no reason on earth, other than to kill as many people as possible in a very short period of time, that anyone needs a gun designed for military purposes." --Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), who introduced a defensive weapon buy-back bill

The Truth About 'Assault Weapons'

For the facts about so-called "assault weapons" -- what they really are and what they really aren't -- this site is about as informative as it gets.


Speaking truth to power: "The White House would be wise to consider ... federal legislation to tighten the definitions and penalties for gun trafficking, a problem that plagues the border with Mexico." --Washington Post editorial calling for more disarmament laws (Did they mention that the White House is responsible for some of that gun trafficking? Nope.)
Projection: "This is about gun manufacturers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. This is about retailers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. Do you know how much money these people have made over the slaughter of 20 innocents in Newtown? Do you know how much richer these rich gun manufacturers have gotten over the past month and how the NRA uses that tragedy to gin up fears and websites use that tragedy to gin up fears that they're coming to take your guns away?" --MSNBC's Joe Scarborough
Delusional: "Would it be a deterrent if, you know, say perpetrators know that there's guns in the schools? How do we know they wouldn't view that as a challenge? I mean, we got a goofy world out there. I'm just not convinced that packing a small firearm is the best defense. ... We've never had a civilian stop a shooting. ... We're going to find out within the next few weeks whether Sandy Hook was the 9/11 of gun violence in this country." --MSNBC's Ed Schultz
"We want to envision ourselves as a nation of vigilantes protecting ourselves with our guns. But that's not what's happening. We're an over-armed nation helping gun makers get richer by believing blatant lies that the government is plotting to take away our guns, and believing the myth that we're protecting and not endangering ourselves." --MSNBC's Touré
Godwin's law: "If anyone deserves to be equated with Hitler on the issue of firearms, then it's not the president. It's the NRA." --MSNBC's Martin Bashir

Newspulper Headlines:

Everything Seemingly Is Spinning Out of Control: "Guns, Debt, and Climate Change Give Obama Shot at Immortality"
We Blame George W. Bush: "Obama Signs Law Giving Himself, Bush Lifetime Secret Service Guard" --Yahoo! News
Out on a Limb: "Study: Tax Law Is Just Too Confusing" --Philadelphia Inquirer
News You Can Use: "Promises of Big Cash for a Small Fee Should Be Viewed as Suspicious, Police Say" --Columbus Dispatch
Bottom Story of the Day: "As New Fiscal Crises Near, Democrats Seek More Tax Increases" --McClatchy Newspapers
(Thanks to The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto)

Village Idiots

Sick silver lining: "The good thing about Newtown is it was so horrific that, I think, it galvanized Americans to a point where the intensity on our side is going to match the intensity on their side." --former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell
Non Compos Mentis: "These semi-automatic weapons, these assault weapons, can only kill people and in fact are threats to national security. The young man who did the killing in Aurora, Colorado, with the arsenal he had -- he was right near the airport, right near the runways near the airport in Denver. He could shoot down airplanes, so this is a matter of homeland security. ... We need to make manufacturers more accountable for their product." --the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson
Just words: "First of all, the president of the United States believes that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual's right to bear arms. He has been explicit about this. And throughout his time in office he has made clear that he believes we ought to take commonsense and enact commonsense measures that protect our Second Amendment rights but prevent people who should not have weapons from obtaining them. So his commitment to the Second Amendment I think is very clear." --White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
"As a nation we cannot be shackled to an archaic Second Amendment which is being shielded by a minority of Americans that demand the right to use weapons that are continually killing citizens across our country. ... Over the decades, our Constitution has been updated and made more civilized and fair by way of amendments. It's time to let go of these weapons that cause such massive suffering to our population." --actor Matthew Modine, who, ironically, took up arms to fight tyranny in "The Dark Knight Rises"

Short Cuts

"I suppose there's some intrinsic value in the fact that Biden serves as a high-profile inspiration to America's mentally challenged. After all, we already have a president who proves that anyone, and we mean absolutely anyone, no matter how arrogant and corrupt, can grow up to be president. In Biden, we have proof that anyone, and we mean absolutely anyone, no matter how vain and ignorant, can grow up to be that person's second-in-command." --columnist Burt Prelutsky
"Vice President Joe Biden said American gun laws should include 'universal background checks, including private sales.' What about sales to Mexican drug lords?" --Fred Thompson
"Hillary Clinton's life as a young House staffer on the Watergate Committee will be made into a movie called Rodham. She was always bright. When Nixon announced that he had a mysterious leg ailment that kept him from testifying to Congress about his role in the White House cover-up, Hillary wrote it down like she was stealing a joke for future use." --comedian Argus Hamilton
"'Lincoln' leads the [Oscar nomination] list with 12 nominations, which is a first -- not most nominations, [it's the] first time Hollywood has ever voted for a Republican president." --comedian Jay Leno
Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!
Nate Jackson for The Patriot Post Editorial Team

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