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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hitler scapegoated the Jews; now, public schools in America scapegoat white children.
It may be sick, but it's effective, as so many white
people in this nation now feel guilty for who
they are, though they had no input into who they are.

The truth is, the left in its most metatastic virulent ugly progressive cannot survive without
straw men and bogey men; which reduces to "white men" because women of all races, and
minorities of all descriptions are 'okay' and need not feel guilty for losing (or winning) some fantasy obstetrical lottery......

While it's truly ridiculous and seemingly diabolical, it does win presidential elections, as we just saw.

H/T to Merlin with his commentary.

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Wisconsin High School Teaches ‘White Privilege’ Class

by Rat
At a Wisconsin high school 40 miles southwest of Milwaukee, students are learning geometry, chemistry and, of course, that white people in America have oppressed minorities for hundreds of years - and continue to do so to this very day.
No word on whether Louis Farrakhan and New Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz have been scheduled as guest lecturers.
The curriculum on “American Diversity” at Delavan-Darien High School teaches students that white skin confers a set of unfair privileges, the Daily Mail reports:
According to handouts obtained by Fox News, "white privilege" in the class is defined as a "set of advantages that are believed to be enjoyed by white people beyond those commonly experienced by non-white people in the same social, political, and economic spaces (nation, community, workplace, income-level, etc.)." Said one parent:
"They’re teaching white guilt. They’re dividing the students. They’re saying to non-whites: ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed.'’'
Sounds like they're using the Barack Obama Election Campaign Strategy Playbook as the class textbook.
The parent, who asked not to be named,  became alarmed after seeing the handouts provided to her 18-year-old son who was enrolled in the class:
“I felt it was indoctrination. This is a radical left agenda and ideology that is now embedded in our school. If you’re white, you’re oppressing. If you’re non-white, you’ve been a victim."
Look at the "bright side," concerned parents: Barack Obama has been dividing and indoctrinating America for four years - with four more to come. Can you imagine what this country will look like by 2016?
Like any good interactive class, "American Diversity" includes at least extracurricular activity: a trip to Walmart. Students are instructed to count the number of white dolls on the shelves as opposed to the number of black dolls - an exercise clearly designed to make non-white students feel inferior (victimized) - and white students feel superior (guilty as charged).
No word if counting Muslim dolls, Chinese dolls, Indian dolls and Mexican dolls is worth extra credit.
Brendan Pringle of the Young America’s Foundation, who first shed light on the controversial course, calls the course "race-baiting":
“This course offers a snapshot of a larger trend that has plagued university curriculum for years and has only recent crept into high school classrooms. Professors and teachers are increasingly telling white students that they are part of the problem of racism, and are telling black students that they are second-class citizens. This race-baiting technique is an attack on American values and can only breed bitterness and envy.”
Exactly - with the keywords being "an attack on American values and can only breed bitterness and envy." Moreover the "larger trend" of which Pringle speaks is in itself part of an even larger trend.
Radical leftists - in and out of Academia - work in concert with the Democratic Party to perpetuate bitterness and envy in America. (See: Barack Hussein Obama; class warfare)
Race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make their living baiting America's blacks.
Smug, guilt-ridden white liberals (Think: "wealthy Hollywood-types") feel good about themselves for standing with the "oppressed among us" - among us white people, that is.
But most of all - the primary objective of the left - is to keeps blacks (and other minorities) down on the liberal plantation. Minorities must be taught (indoctrinated) that were it not for the compassion, largesse and protection of the Democratic Party, they would suffer a fate worse than death at the hands of evil, selfish, white (conservative) America.

That fate? Self-reliance, responsibility and mutual respect - qualities which are anathema to the Democratic Party, particularly when possessed by minorities.
After all, why would self-reliant responsible people need the Democrats?

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