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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Let me give you a little more information about Ruby Ridge. Randy and Vicki Weaver moved to a homestead in Idaho. The Feds wanted Weaver to infiltrate a white supremacists group and a pair of agents pressured him into cutting the barrel on a shotgun for them. (This is entrapment but the Feds will break the law anytime that they feel it benefits them.) When he refused to join a white supremacist group as a spy, they brought him up on charges of violating the NFA of 1934. It was later discovered that the barrels had been cut twice, once by Weaver and again by an agent. The length was not under length until AFTER the agent cut it the second time. When Weaver got out on bail, he returned to his homestead. He was more than a bit paranoid about the government, so he refused to show up for his trial and the judge issued an arrest warrant for him. At that point the feds did their usual over reaction and sent a bunch of US Marshals and the FBI HRT to raid his homestead. A pair of Marshals were sneaking up on the house and the family dog began barking. Randy's 14 yr old son and a family friend went to see what the dog was barking at. When the Marshals shot the dog, Randy Weaver's son returned fire on the bushes that the Marshals were hiding behind. While the 14 yr old fatally wounded one Deputy Marshal, the Marshals shot at the 14 yr old and the family friend, wounding the family friend and fatally wounding Randy Weaver's son. The family friend helped Weaver's mortally wounded son to an out building. He then went into the house and told Weaver what had happened. Weaver and the friend went to the outbuilding to see his son's body. On the way back to the house, Weaver was wounded by another government shooter, and as he entered the home, FBI shooter (I refuse to call anyone who shoots at unidentified targets a sniper) Lon Horiuchi fired at a shadow through the window in the door striking Vicki Weaver in the head as she stood there with her infant daughter in her arms. Subsequently the feds tried to charge Randy Weaver and his friend for the death of the US Marshal. They were both acquitted. The state of Idaho tried to charge Lon Horiuchi for the death of Vicki Weaver but the feds blocked the indictment and relocated Horiuchi to parts unknown. While the feds refused to admit to any wrongdoing, they did agree to a $3 million settlement to avoid going to trial on the wrongful death lawsuit that Randy Weaver brought against the government.

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