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Friday, January 11, 2013


'A dictator from Indonesia has no right to invoke executive orders'

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In today's issue: Vice President Joe Biden just announced that Obama is ready to take "executive action" on gun control.

This chilling revelation led Dr. Savage to warn listeners about possible dictatorial orders coming out of the White House, and to ask them how they plan to respond if the president tries to seize legal weapons owned by law-abiding citizens.

"I want to remind you that executive orders were never intended to make law," Savage explained, adding:

    Executive orders were created to clarify existing law put forward by the Congress, not by a dictator from Indonesia.

    What will you do when the dictator Obama says, "Turn in your guns or else"?

    We already have the largest prison population, proportionately, in the world.

    We're living in a semi-police state already.

    Will we put another million people in prison because they wouldn't turn in a hunting rifle for dictator Obama?

    It could be a boom time in America.

    Obama could build a hundred new prisons across the country to lock up all the "gun resisters."

    If you think it's a laughing matter, you're wrong.
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