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Saturday, December 8, 2012


This Revolution Is Personal
Barbara H. Peterson
“… the most formidable military machine depends ultimately on the obedience of its soldiers, … the most powerful corporation becomes helpless when its workers stop working, when its customers refuse to buy its products. The strike, the boycott, the refusal to serve, the ability to paralyze the functioning of a complex social structure–these remain potent weapons against the most fearsome state or corporate power.” — Howard Zinn in The Progressive magazine, January 2000, p20
When the government tells you that you cannot grow your own food, and slips pesticide-ridden GMOs into the nation’s food supply unlabeled, it’s time to discard the system.
When government agencies tell you what you can and cannot eat, then enforce that compliance with armed goons, it’s time to discard the system.
When you are forced into government bondage in order to merely survive, then get taxed to death so that survival is at a bare minimum, it’s time to discard the system.
When “too big to fail” corporations stomp on “consumers” like they are just so much rabble to use up and throw away, it’s time to discard the system.
When you go to a hospital to get well, and that hospital kills you through incompetence and outright malice, it’s time to discard the system.
When Big Pharma poisons are legal and natural plants are not, it’s time to discard the system.

When the media routinely lies and hides the truth, it’s time to discard the system.
When people are routinely maimed and killed  by government approved drugs that are made mandatory by that very same government, it’s time to discard the system.
We the people want something real, not televised hype and brand marketers telling us what we should do, think, and feel, while counting the profits raked in through stealth and false advertising.
We the people are sick to death of being told what is good for us and what is not.
When I was born, I did not sign up to be property of the state. I have one mother and don’t need another in the form of Big Brother.
If you the power brokers want a fight, you’ve got it. This will not be a fight calling for bloodshed and ruin, but for life. For independence from tyranny. For self-sufficiency and hope. For a breaking away from the ties that bind us to a corrupt and dying system that was designed from the onset to fail. This will be a revolution welling up from the tortured soul of every man, woman and child who has woken up to the oppression we are living under, which is so tyrannical in its nature that we the people are being suffocated. This revolution will be one of empowerment of the individual over corporate interests and the war machine.
This revolution is personal.
Nobody is waiting in the wings to save us.  The cavalry isn’t coming.  The cavalry is here.  If you’re still looking for your hero, check the mirror.
(Nick Brannigan)

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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