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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Do a search for Bushmaster used in Sandy Hook School shooting...Use Google or'll verify that info there.

Elsewhere on this blog is the video of the 3 people in camo running through the woods near the school, mention of a purple van with the window shot out, and police audio saying there was more than one shooter?

What about the guy they found and handcuffed, and took away?  Has he been disappeared?  There were videos of that.

We know now that the Bushmaster was in the trunk of Lanza's vehicle.

Where is the testimony of his psychiatrist?  When will we see that in print?

What about the little one, supposedly murdered, "Emily", and the photo of her with Obama a few days later?  Was that a manipulated photo?  

And what about the rush to ban/grab our guns by Obama and Feinstein (the hypocrite)?   I'm so sorry for the loss of the Sandy Hook innocents, but damn, this thing stinks of a false flag!   

ALTHOUGH AS A PARENT AND A GRANDPARENT MY HEART ACHES FOR THE FAMILIES, and this entry isn't meant at all to diminish your pain and your sorrow, there's something very wrong with this story and the coincidental connection to the other shootings recently.

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